What Is Good For Nausea? How Is Nausea Treated?

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What Is Good For Nausea? How Is Nausea Treated? From seven to seventy, people of all ages are likely to encounter nausea at various stages...


What is bariatric surgery?

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What is bariatric surgery? Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in the body to the extent that it impairs health. Excessive and wrong eating...


Important recommendations for coping with anxiety disorder

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Anxiety disorder, also known as anxiety, is common in society. Anxiety, which is a part of life, can enable us to achieve our goals when...


Pay attention to these 15 rules after bone marrow transplant in children

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Among the diseases seen in childhood, genetically inherited ones have an important place. Genetically inherited hematological diseases, immune system deficiencies, and metabolic disorders cause more...


What is good for stomach pain? How does stomach ache go?

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To understand stomach pain, a type of pain felt in the abdomen; it is essential to general knowledge of the stomach. The stomach is a...


How does a runny nose go? Is a runny nose a symptom of COVID-19?

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A runny nose is defined as the dripping or flow of mucus from the nose. A runny nose, which is caused by congestion and inflammation...