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Cheek Fillers

cheek fillers

Cheek Fillers

Cheeks play an essential role in making a face look young, lively, and attractive. For the cheeks to look beautiful, the cheekbones must be prominent, and the volume of adipose tissue in this area must be high.

If the cheekbones melt due to aging and the fatty tissue volume decreases, collapse in the cheeks appears. Sunken cheeks make a face look old, sad, and tired.

With cheek filling, the cheeks are filled without surgery.

What aesthetic problems are seen on the cheeks?

Collapse in cheeks
Sagging cheeks
Asymmetry in cheeks
Deep cheek groove
Malar hill

What are the benefits of cheek fillers?

The sagging and sagging appearance of the cheeks is corrected
Asymmetric facial expression corrects
Deep cheek groove disappears
Malar peak image corrects
Nasolabial groove straightens
Provides facial rejuvenation
The profile image of the face becomes beautiful


Which substance is used for cheek filling?

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are most often used.

How is cheek filler done?

First, the front and profile photos of the patient are taken. After these photos are evaluated in detail, the most valid points where the filler injection will be made are determined.

Local anesthesia is performed with excellent needles in order not to feel pain during cheek filling.
Then, using closed-ended needles called a cannula, filler injection is made to the right points of the cheek.

Should avoid excessive filling injection to avoid artificial and exaggerated cheek appearance. For this reason, it is best to fill in intermittent sessions.

Since the cheek filling is done using a cannula, there is no bleeding or bruising.

Due to the risk of bleeding and bruising, needle filling should not be performed.

After the filling is done, the photos of the cheek filling are sent to the patient.


How long does cheek filling take?

Cheek filling is completed in 15 minutes. Since cheek filling is done with a cannula, nerve and vascular damage do not occur. Therefore, pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising do not develop and immediately return to daily life.

Does cheek filling cause pain?

It is done with local anesthesia with skinny needles before the filling is applied and quickly achieves numbness. Almost no pain occurs.

How many sessions is cheek filling done?

Cheek filling is performed in a single session. If necessary, do the additional filling during the control session, and no extra charges are charged to the patient.

How long is the permanence of the cheek filling?

Cheek filling is usually permanent for 1-1.5 years. However, the persistence time of the cheek filling may vary depending on the quality and specifications of the filler used. In our clinic, we use the world’s highest quality fillings produced in Switzerland.

What should be considered after cheek filling?

In the first 24 hours, the cheek area should not be rubbed, massage should not be performed.
For the first 3 days, do not take hot baths and showers, do not enter the bath, solarium.

During the first 3 days, heavy sports activity, intense sun exposure should be avoided.

For the first 3 days, alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, painkillers (ibuprofen), blood thinners (coumadin, warfarin), green tea, garlic, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, ginkgo, ginseng, echinacea and high levels of sugar, high levels of sodium, foods containing high levels of caffeine should not be taken.

If there is severe pain, cold skin, white or purple color change in the area where filling is applied, the doctor who performs the application should be informed immediately. The development of blood circulation disorder in the skin can cause such complaints.

How much does cheek filler cost?

It varies according to the physician who performs the application and the quality and quantity of filling. The more permanent the cheek filling, the more the price increases accordingly.

Cheek fillers before and after (photos)


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